Arise is delighted to welcome three new trustees to its UK and US boards.

Lord Bernard Hogan-Howe Arise Foundation

Lord Bernard Hogan-Howe

Lord Bernard Hogan-Howe, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, has joined the UK board of trustees. Lord Hogan-Howe has long been at the forefront of the police’s response to modern slavery. Along with Cardinal Vincent Nicholls, he was a founding member of the Santa Marta Group – an alliance of police chiefs and bishops working around the world to combat modern slavery. He was also a member of the Evening Standard’s expert think tank on reducing slavery in the UK. He has written extensively on the issue. Arise believes that Hogan-Howe will bring a strong, unique voice to the Board.




The US Board of Trustees is delighted to welcome David Bringle and Aimee Barr. We believe that they will bring great depth and understanding to the Board as Arise develops.

David Bringle Arise Foundation

David Bringle

David Bringle is a former officer in the US Navy, who has dedicated his life to protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. He is the founder of Whistle Lake Consulting, a technology firm that provides expert strategies on the development and implementation of advanced technologies; aiding investigators and analysts to expand their understanding of criminal behaviour.




Aimee Barr, LSCW Arise Foundation

Aimee Barr LSCW

Aimee Barr is a psychotherapist with private practices in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Union Square, Manhattan. She has spent many years as on the sexual assault response team and has extensive experience in counselling survivors of childhood sexual abuse, intimate partner violence and sexual assault. She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Well + Good, Monster and is a frequent lecturer at Fordham University.